Engine Upgrades


Custom built 408ci Cleveland, 500-600+HP Complete Engine  professionally machined and assembled, blueprinted and balanced. Scat crank, rods, and forged pistons, 3V alloy heads, roller rockers. Quality components throughout, fully reco block and the rest of the engine is 100% new. Dyno proven combo. (Order only 3-4 weeks)





Cleveland 408 Stroker

408ci stroker assembly, our engines are built to a very high standard using only proven quality parts with over 25 years of Ford Performance experience to ensure our customers get a powerful and reliable value for money engine. We Can build this engine with a hydraulic roller and dual plane intake for a broader lower RPM torque HP curve or mechanical street roller cam and single plane for higher RPM torque and HP, or we can build to suit your requirements Cleveland, Windsor or big block from 289 to 500+ cubes. We normally offer our engines as turn key packages that have been dyno run in, tuned and tested that way you are assured of an engine that's 100% ready to go, no guess work before its fitted to your car. This has worked very successfully with many of our customers, however we can supply this 408 Cleveland as pictured without the dyno work, pre primed ready to start.