US Classics Custom Build Program

GT 500 Eleanor Replica and 1970 Pro Tourer

With our highly experienced and dedicated team, the demand for quality classic muscle cars growing rapidly worldwide and some awesome aftermarket components available, US Classic Muscle cars are the number 1 choice for your new custom built classic.

Our custom build service allows you to pick through a range of options to fit out the newly painted body assembly to suit your style and budget.

Engine / Transmission

You have the option of a period style brand new pushrod engines built to suit your needs in house or a brand new modern engine ie: 5.0 Coyote both naturally aspirated or supercharged and a number of other configurations. Backing up these Awesome engines is the legendary Tremec TKO600 5 speed, T56 six speed or a 4 Speed automatic transmission assembly.

With fuel injection and modern electrical system fitted throughout or our cars, you can be assured your classic muscle car will be reliable and perform at its best.

Suspension / Brakes

Our custom built cars utilise one of the best Aftermarket suspension and braking systems around. This American Made Custom front IFS has been designed to lower the vehicle stance, increased the performance, strength, control, drivability, handling capabilities.

Rear Performance Torque Arm assembly is engineered for Street, Autocross and Road Course Applications. TCI’s Rear Torque Arm suspension was designed to eliminate the suspension bind that occurs when cornering using the stock conventional leaf spring suspension. The Torque Arm features a telescoping slider at the front of the arm that rotates as the car goes through suspension travel and articulation. This allows the cars handling to be controlled by the coil-over shocks and the rear sway bar with no suspension binding variables, this system allows for a lowered stance, greater rear axle control and dramatically improved handling.

With all that performance in mind our cars are fitted with 6 piston front calipers and 4 piston rears combined with this suspension package braking performace is nothing short of excellent.

One drive in a Classic muscle car fitted with this system and you will get an understanding of a modern car feel with the timeless lines of your favorite muscle car.


For the most part all work is carried out in house as to keep quality high and build times as low as possible, however the upholstery work is one of the few items outsourced by our company, we only use companies that match our high quality requirements.

Interior types vary depending on the project, we have built highly customised cars that the owners wanted a new stock look interior and we also cater for fully customised interior fit outs. From custom laid carpets, hand built consoles, high quality audio systems, leather, suede, french stiching etc. These are all items that can be disscussed at planning stage when ordering your car.