Ford 1970 Mach 1 Mustang Restomod

1970 Mach 1 M Code
Hard to find cars like this now. Fully restored.

1970 Mustang Mach 1 Resto Mod Grabber Blue

Car is in final assembly stage and will be ready for pickup in 2 weeks.


Rotisserie restoration just completed 
Fully reconditioned 351 cubic inch 4V V8 
C6 automatic transmission with factory cobra jet high stall
Rack and pinion steering 
Bluetooth stereo system 
Grabber blue paint, Ceramic clear coat 
TMI pro tourer sport R trim
Front and Rear Wilwood disc brakes 
17-inch billet Magnum 500 wheels R888 semi slick tyres 
Grabber track suspension system with front and rear sway bars 
Sale includes: Restoration photos 
Sale Includes: Victorian Engineering and 3 months reg
Does not include stamp duty 

When you ask most Ford enthusiasts what some of their favourite Mustangs are, '69 and '70 fastbacks are always at the top of the list. 
Between their slick hip lines and slightly larger stature, they were the 'stangs that officially laid rubber across the grave of the “secretary car” stigma. 
Production numbers weren't exactly low, but when an example like this fully documented rotisserie restored Mach 1 comes along, It won’t last long. 
Wrapping a cool colour combination around a 351 4V, C6 transmission, upgraded rack and pinion this Ford is an awesome one of a kind build that you don’t want to miss out on. 
And if you're looking for the perfect muscle car that'll rule local shows and make the best of your summer weekends, it's your next classic.

With most muscle cars, there's usually a single element that catches your eye long before anything else. 
But with this Mustang, With a solid fastback profile that's benefitted from a detailed, ground-up restoration, 
this is the kind of metal that could turn heads in primer; and what better way to ensure sore neck muscles than mixing in vivid Grabber Blue paint? 
That paint coats fit and finish that puts factory-original fodder to shame. 
That fit and finish has been augmented with a slippery, show-stopping shine. And to ensure this pony stands out from the herd. 

Starting with the original factory D block. that's been completely rebuilt with 20" Sealed power pistons. 
The 4V heads are from a factory cobra jet, they have been fully reconditioned with new guides, Manley Undercut valves, 
Comp cams valve springs and retainers and perfect circle seals. The manifold is from edelbrock, 4 V performer with an Edelbrock 650 Carb to match. 
Then of course a genuine fully restored shaker. (Extremely hard to find)
And cooling comes courtesy of an upgraded alloy radiator. Aesthetically, the dressed and decaled engine bay appears very close to original, 
featuring an even combination of Satin Black and Ford Blue paint. And a set of Ford racing Boss look a like rocker covers to dress it up.

Take a look at our professional, high-resolution photography and you'll see that the bottom of this fully sorted pony is both solid and clean. 
Behind the car's first-class Ford block, a tough C6 transmission with a factory cobra jet high stall sending all that power through the factory 9 ich diff. 
Holding that versatile drivetrain off the ground is an upgraded factory style suspension system, with all new control arms. 
Hoskins springs. Heavy duty front and rear sway bars and competition engineering shocks.
At the front of that chassis, upgraded rack and pinion steering makes quick work of tight turns. At the corners of the car, some upgraded wilwood 4 piston drilled and slotted brakes. 
With a twin 2 1/2 custom exhaust system you will hear this beast coming. And everything rolls on a set of billet 17inch Magnum 500s, which spin two 235/45 17Toyo R888 and two 275/45 17Toyo R888.

Inside this Ford is an equally attractive interior will make any Mustang fan feel right at home. 
Everything from the car's floor mats to its headliner presents well, and with the upgraded sport R TMI trim. 
From the wood-trimmed dash features a nice set of factory gauges, which keeps tabs on fuel, 
speed and temperature, while a Shelby steering wheel keeps the driver connected to the road. 
At the center of the cockpit, a bluetooth direct-fit radio hangs over a wood-trimmed console. 
At the sides of the cabin, crack-free door panels feature an attractive mix of stainless and wood applique. 
According to Kevin Marti of Marti Auto Works, this super clean fastback was bolted together in San Jose on February 11th, 1970. 
Here's a thorough breakdown of the car's original Door Data and optional equipment:
* 0 – 1970 model year 
* R – Built in San Jose 
* 05 – Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof
* H – 351 2V Engine 
* 35,226th Ford vehicle scheduled for production at San Jose 
* 02/70 – Assembled in February of 1970 
* 63C – Mustang Mach 1 Sportsroof
* M – Ford #1619-A-White Paint 
* 3A – Black Clarion Knit vinyl interior that's complete with Corinthian bucket seats 
* 6 – 3.00 Standard axle 
* X – FMX select shift Cruise-O-Matic 
* 72 – San Jose Ordering District

* Black hood stripe 
* Evaporative emissions 
* FMX Select Shift Cruise-O-Matic
* F70X14 Belted tyres 
* White sidewall tyres
* Power front disc brakes 
* Power steering 
* AM radio 
* Tinted Glass 
* Argent styled steel wheels 

A vintage Owner's Manual 
Restoration photos 
Basic engine rebuild specs 
Marti Auto Works Report 
Victorian VASS engineers report 
Victorian RWC Certificate
Victorian 3 month registration 
Stamp duty not included

It's hard to picture the automotive world without Mustangs. In addition to being a long-term staple in the collector car market, they continue to be favourites among racers and purists alike. 
This Mach 1 is ideal for anyone who wants a great mix of old school fun and show-stopping looks!
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