Custom Build Process

We are often asked by prospective buyers of our fine cars what is the build process and how do you get that finish and quality, well let me first say it’s not by accident. It’s a combination of processes and logistics in a planned number of stages that mimics a small and efficient assembly line. Here is a basic rundown of the process to explain why our cars are some of the best in the world of their kind.

The first thing that’s organized after the deposit is worked out and paid is to order all the parts and of course the project vehicle. After you decide how you want your car to look and what you want in your car we carefully compile an order list of all the components for the build that will be imported from the USA/Canada and what will be ordered in Australia. This is the key to a well planned and executed quality build as this process from finding a suitable car and ordering all the parts can take up to three months to land it all at our facility.

Once the vehicle arrives the first step is a complete strip down, assess it then remove all rust effected metal (if any), brace the vehicle and then onto the rotisserie to ensure easy access . From there it’s off to media blast. Next stage the fresh bare metal body is lowered onto our jig and the new sheet metal pre fitted, gaps and measurements are checked and adjusted then the welding finished. This ensures a nice square and straight chassis.

From here the freshly welded body shell is deoxidized as well as the hang on panels. The body is then fitted back to the rotisserie, primed with epoxy primer, seamed sealed, body Shultz is added to required areas to help with NVH, then painted over with 2 stage paint with the color in your order. The vehicle is then transferred to a rolling dolly and left cure before final block sanding and paint.

Next all the sub assemblies like engines, transmissions, suspensions, interior, wiring and a number of other components are built and detailed then stored ready for final assembly.

From there the car is carefully block sanded down, cleaned and transferred to our low bake oven, masked up and painted separately from all hang on panels to ensure a high quality clear over base paint application, including the door jambs etc. From there the hang on panels get the same treatment.

Then it’s time to complete the assembly of your new car, After a careful and thorough assembly with all the new parts, restored parts and sub assemblies the car is then started, tested, final adjustments and any sorting that may be required. Then a Final detail is carried out and it’s ready for delivery.

As you can see it’s a very comprehensive build using our vast experience and knowledge, top quality parts, primer and paints, and methods to produce a top car in a reasonable time frame. All of our cars are built with longevity and superior finish in mind and the build process is fully photographed at each stage and then some.

We look forward to building your dream car.


Richard George
Dylan Hutchinson